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The Amazing Web Site by and for Doug and Karin - home page updated on May 28, 2000.

Sword, fencing and armour (armor) information for hobbyists and fellow SCA members. If you are interested in swords, fencing, armour, making armour, making swords, in the SCA, in medieval times or in metalwork, movies with fencing, metalworking, or reading about any of these activities, then browse my web site!

New - Sword Making page added in September.

 I've got lists of fencing suppliers, links to sword and armor information and suppliers, pictures of swords, hilts and helmets that I've made, and some of my home-shop machinery.

There is some music, too. I love fiddle music. I don't care for jazz, but like classical a lot. And I like old-time country dance music, like square-dance tunes, old English country and line dance music, Celtic, Scottish and Irish fiddle dance music, and so on. You can hear a bunch of them from my Music Page.

I added a joke page in February, 98.

And there's more. Come on in and be surprised. Try it - you'll like it!

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