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Quite a few magazines make the Cyber-Psycho subculture happy via their excrutiatingly gritty and focused excursions into the more disturbed depths of the human psyche, as well as with their proud flare of individualism and acceptance. Are they as pretentious in wording as I am? Read on, and ye shall see....

Current Contents: Cyber-Psychos AOD, Factsheet Five, Fringeware Review, Puck, SF Eye, Funeral Party, Xizquil, Morbid Curiosity, and Back Brain Recluse.

Cyber-Psychos AOD
"The Magazine of Mental Aberrations"
Editor: Jasmine Sailing
url: http://users.netonecom.net/~jsailing
email: jsailing@netonecom.net
Cyber-Psychos AOD (and other diversities) covers the psychological aspects of the arts (focused in the Cyber-Psycho tradition) via interviews, fiction, artist profiles, self-publishing band profiles; regular articles about bargain-basement technology, spiritualism in art, hallucinogenics, personal realities, etc; comics, and a huge glob of reviews (in a small enough type size to blind you). Interviewees have included Hakim Bey, John Shirley, Larry McCaffery, Uncle River, Brian Hodge, Paul Sammon, Edward Lee, Lucy Taylor, t. Winter-Damon, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Adam Parfrey and Feral House, Crash Worship, Sleep Chamber, Vampire Rodents, Tiamat, Joel Haertling and Architect's Office, Pigface, Type O Negative, Human Drama, Carol Lay, Julie Doucet, etc.

Factsheet Five
Editor: R. Seth Friedman (e-version maintained by Jerod Pore)
url: http://www.well.com/conf/f5/f5index2.html
email: jerod23@well.com
Factsheet Five is THE magazine for people who want to track down zines of specific interest. Thousands of zine reviews (fringe, quirky, political, personal, spiritual, you name it) are included in each issue, along with helpful articles for zine publishers.

Fringeware Review
Editor: Paco Xander Nathan
url: http://www.fringeware.com
email: pacoid@fringeware.com
Guerrilla Media, Fringe Subcultures, and a catalogue of books, magazines, and cool stuff. And, yes, it does have a very different take from Wired. Each issue tends to have a specific focus and has ranged from Satanism to technology to aliens. You can keep a copy of this in your Schwa lunchbox without causing conflicting angers with the powers that be.

Permeable Press -- Q, Shock Waves, Puck
Editor: Brian Clark
url: http://www.permeable.com
email: bcclark@igc.apc.org
Puck was the slick original magazine. Then it split off into Q (non-fiction weirdness, including Jasmine Sailing's reviled It's a Quaintly Weird World We Live In essay) and Shock Waves (speculative fiction). Now Puck is newspaper text, in standard format, and is back to containing deranged truth both fictively and non-fictively. It's also teamed up with CLF (Council for the Literature Fantastic) newsletter now, to include more reviews and market reports. 4 choice publications all knotted up into one ugly mess of a terroristic limb pile called Puck.

SF Eye
url: http://www.empathy.com/eyeball
email: eyebrown@interpath.com
SF Eye has included the likes of PK Dick, Bruce Sterling, Lewis Shiner, John Shirley, Richard Kadrey, William Gibson, Elizabeth Hand, Clive Barker, Samuel Delaney, Rudy Rucker, Lucius Shepard, Edward Bryant, Ellen Datlow, Michael Hemmingson, Paul T. Riddell, Joey Zone, JK Potter, Charles Platt, Nancy Collins, Takayuki Tatsumi, Paul Di Filippo, Matt Howarth, Charles Burns, JG Ballard, Ferret, and many wondrous others. Find out who will be next!

Funeral Party
Editor: Shade Rupe
url: http://www.horrornet.com/funeralparty.htm
email: purehades@aol.com
Funeral Party is in book form (ala Re-Search). The first issue was 112pp and included: 10pp of never before seen Giger art; interviews with Peter Sotos, The Torture King, Dennis Paoli, Chas. Balun, Mark Pavia/Jack O'Donnell, and Jim VanBebber; 6 disturbing works of fiction; articles on Hermann Nitsch (with colour photos) and The Grand Guignol Theatre of Paris; comics, film reviews, artwork and more.

Editor: Uncle River
Snail Mail: Blue, AZ 85922 (yes, that is complete)
Xizquil is a lovely little magazine, produced on typewriters by the brilliant hermit Uncle River. It combines literature with nature and spiritualism in very moving and beautiful ways. Originally it came out of New Mexico, where Uncle River was caretaking a secluded house that had originally homed Cecil Beard as he created his Roadrunner cartoons. Order a sample copy of Xizquil for $3.50.

Morbid Curiosity
Editor: Loren Rhoads
url: http://www.charnel.com/~automatism
email: AutomPress@aol.com
Morbid Curiosity is a new magazine which focuses on exactly what the title implies. The topics of articles included are absinthe, Amsterdam, the aurora borealis, autoerotic stimulation, black mass, cremation, Dachau, DMT, eating insects, electrocution, firewalking, fossils, ghosts, graveyards, Hill of Crosses, House of Death, mescaline, mortuary science, necrophilia, parochial school, psychic vampirism, shrines, S/M film-making, thunderstorms, and torture museums.

Back Brain Recluse
Editor: Chris Reed
url: http://www.bbr-online.com
email: bbr@bbr-online.com
"BBR publishes some of the most startling and daring SF currently being written, and has developed a cult following around the world through a policy of emphasizing the experimental and uncommercial end of the form. Recent contributors have included Richard Kadrey, Paul Di Filippo, Michael Moorcock, Misha, Don Webb and Mark Rich, as well as many exciting new names making their first professional appearance."

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