Newsgroup: alt.culture.cyber-psychos

Yes, alt.culture.cyber-psychos has been launched. At the moment the moderator is sorting through some software troubles, but everything should be running smoothly any day now. Moderation? Yes. It's for spam, though, so you needn't worry about it. Gets to where you can't make out actual posts above the spam ratio these days... Get the details from the newsgroup FAQ:

alt.culture.cyber-psychos FAQ

There was a bit of a glitch up with the creation. There are TWO cyber-psychos newsgroups out there. One is the correct one, one isn't. The incorrect one has been rmgrouped (multiple times) but sometimes they just don't want to die. If your server doesn't carry a cyber-psychos newsgroup, ask them to carry it under this name:
alt.culture.cyber-psychos (moderated)

If your server has both names, ask them to only carry the above name, and to discontinue this one:

You'll notice that the only difference between the two names is that the correct one has a hyphen, while the incorrect one doesn't. Death to all unhyphenated versions of the newsgroup...

Please do make sure your server carries the correct group, though, and join in on the posting!

If you absolutely can't get the newsgroup, or if you simply prefer having everything as email, you can get on the mailing list mirror. Simply write to and request to be added to the newsgroup mailing list mirror. Make certain you have enough email capacity before doing this as it can sometimes be a bit of a mail-bomb.

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